Start-up Tech Spec Suite - Downtown Chicago

Services: Finish & Fabric, Furniture, Project Management, Space Planning

About This Job

Spec Suites have become popular leasing spaces due to flexible leases and the fact that most are furnished with the essentials of office furniture. We worked with the building’s property manager to determine who their target client was and how we could make the current space more desirable for potential tenants. The suite size was roughly 4,000 square feet and the target client was a tech start-up. The space was to include open areas for workstations, two private offices, a large conference room, and a reception area.

We used white throughout the suite to provide a clean, bright, modern look. We brought in some wood tones using a grey ash to provide some texture and contrast to the white. The carpet used offered a neutral background but with a raw, concrete like look which gave the space a bit of an edge. There were also a few columns which were left as concrete to, again, add some modern texture. We were also asked to bring in pops of color via paint accents on the front entry wall and paint to apply to the concrete columns https://ind….india/11/. We added color to the workstation finishes as well to create an energetic, young feel in the space.

We offered up cubicles by Enwork. We were also able to use Enwork for the conference room table, collaboration area table, and private offices which provided a cohesive look and also fell in our 6 week lead time. Since they are located in West Michigan, product can be shipped quickly to the Chicago area once produced.

Overall, The Office Connection was able to provide a fun, modern suite at a great price to the building management without skimping on quality. This allowed for an excellent tool for them in creating a great overall vision for the tenant as well as offering a ready furnished space for tenantswho need to move in fast!

The reception station was provided by Groupe Lacasse and set an impressive look for guests and/or potential new hires that may be entering the space for the first time. It was also specified to “wrap” around the first column and use the column as an architectural feature and add interest to the workstation. A front acrylic panel was put on the station to add interest and created a great place to put company signage in the space to allow the potential tenant to customize the suite.

Global's Spree task chairs available in 8 different mesh colors and service as another great way to bring in color!
Global’s Spree task chairs are available in 8 different mesh colors and serve as another great way to bring in color!